Support you to manage company assets easily and fun. Data collection can be done with mobile application.The location of the company's assets can be displayed in the dashboard or interactive map


  • Asset Location

    Showing the asset's geographical location on the map with the geolocation feature to make it easier for the user to monitor the asset's location if one day the asset switches location.

  • Data Asset Management

    Managing asset data from the process of adding, modifying and deleting asset data in accordance with user permissions.

  • Barcode Scanner

    A fitur to read the barcodes that are preinstalled in the asset so users can view the asset details in android apps.

  • Report Viewer

    Displaying the number of assets report in a room or scope of the location in accordance with the condition whether the assets are still worthy or damaged / unfit to be used so that users can find out how many assets should be replaced immediately.