Google Geospatial
Put Google Earth and Maps to work for your organization
Make it easy for your employees to view, understand, and make decisions about location-based information. Incorporate your company's data into Google Maps and Google Earth to be shared quickly and easily with colleagues and clients. The intuitive Google mapping applications require little or no training; your staff and customers will immediately start to realize the benefits of rich, interactive geospatial information.
Google's enterprise versions of these products combine the familiar, interactive Google mapping products with added features designed especially for business users.
Gogle Maps API Premier
Add familiar Google Maps to your public website to engage your customers. Help employees visualize business data and track mobile assets by incorporating our easy-to-use, interactive maps into your business applications.
Gogle Earth Pro
Empower business users with additional capabilities -- including importing data, measuring distances, and printing higher resolution images -- all against the back-drop of Google Earth.
Gogle Earth Enterprise
Make your organization's imagery, aerial photography and other geospatial data accessible and useful to all employees who need access. This secure version of Google Earth runs in your organization's own data center.